Bride Valley Archers


FEBRUARY 16 GWAS Indoor Championships (WA 18m) - Weston Super Mare

MARCH 28/29 Pentref Field Tournament (Wales)

MARCH 29 Osprey NFAS Shoot

APRIL 19 Osprey Triple (Target, Field and Clout)

APRIL 25/26 Deer Park Archers 3D Tournament

MAY 2/3 UK 3D Field Championships- Pentref (Wales)

MAY 9/10 Kendal 3D Tournament

MAY 9/10 Ballands Field Tournament (Somerset)

MAY 23/24 British Field Championships- Lilleshall

JUNE 20/21 Wharfe Valley Field Tournament (Yorkshire)

JULY 4/5 Junior National Championships- Lilleshall

JULY 11/12 Overton Field (Hampshire)

AUGUST 1-9 South West Challenge (NFAS)- Osprey, Ballands, Westcombe, Dunkery

AUGUST 29/30 High Weald 3D Tournament (Sussex)

AUGUST 29/30 DWAA County Weekend - Salisbury

SEPTEMBER 26/27 Pentref Field Tournament

OCTOBER 3/4 Exmouth Field Tournament

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